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CHILDREN'S ART CLASSES with Carbondale Community Arts

Carbondale Community Arts will be hosting weekly art classes for children grades 1-6. Each class will focus on a specific theme or art material. The club will meet Saturday afternoons, 2 - 4 PM at Artspace304. Each class is $15, ($36 per month/3 classes) which covers the cost of art materials.  Maximum 10 children per session. 

Classes will be led by CCA Program Coordinator, Artist, and Art Educator, Stephanie Dukat. 
November Classes
  • Nov 4 - DIY Paintbrushes & Paint -
    • Makers club learn various painting techniques using handmade paintbrushes created from everyday objects. We make our own brushes then compare and contrast the difference in line, texture, and pattern. After our experiments, we will use our brushes to create colorful tempera paintings that capture expressive line and movement.  
  • Nov 11 - Loom Weaving -
    • Makers club will learn the ins and outs of weaving on our very own looms to create a circle rug. We will construct and set up our looms and then start designing. 
  • Nov 18 - Paper Marbling & Bookbinding - 
    • Using the technique of paper marbling we will create unique books with our very own decorative paper. 


December Classes
  • Dec 2 - Treasure Box (part 1) -
    • Looking to the artwork of Joseph Cornell, Makers will design their own treasure/memory boxes. Part one of this class, each Maker will decide on a theme or story for the box and decorate using paint, college, and markers. 


  • Dec 9 - Treasure Box (part 2) -  
    • Makers will create collections and tell stories through combining drawings of their own, found objects, images, and to create a collection colleges for our very own treasure boxes. We will discuss how each object or image is a small part of the overall story or theme. Makers can bring in items to add to their treasure box.  We will look at Artist Joseph Cornell as inspiration. 

  • Dec 16 - Sweet Treats - 

      Makers Club will take over the CCA Kitchen and learn the basics of baking and bake goods decorating. Each child will head home with a bag of sweet treat for the holiday season! 

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